Welcome to the newly renovated Uraidla Hotel.  We hope you will feel at home in our comfortable surroundings, and that you may also feel a part of our bigger picture. Our vision is to embrace the history of this important market gardening area, and to promote both local produce and young local talent.

To this end, we endeavor to source the bulk of our produce from the gardeners and artisans in the Uraidla/Summertown/Piccadilly area. We also strive to find our fish, meats and cheeses within South Australia, where possible.  Our young people working the floor and bars mostly live locally, and share an interest in reviving their iconic hotel and region.  Chef Anna Kittel is passionate about training up young chefs, and nothing would make her happier than if one of our local brood became the next Jamie or Masterchef!

Please enjoy our unique little corner of the world, and feel part of our family!

Contact Information

Address: 1198 Greenhill Rd

Uraidla South Australia 5142

Phone: 08 8390 0500

Opening Hours

We open at 11am and close at midnight.

Lunch is at 12 and dinner 6pm.