Our Ethos & Vision
We are about community

A community is a cohesive group of people with like-minded skills, interests, and goals.

Traditionally market gardeners serving the greater Adelaide area, the original families of the Uraidla/Summertown/Piccadilly area built upon, and expanded out into, the fertile lands below mounts Lofty, Marble Hill and Bonython (please see our History section for more). As with most Australian townships, the pubs (including the Summertown Hotel) were central to these flourishing communities. Many locals have fond generational memories of raucous celebrations of births, birthdays, weddings, wakes – or parties for the sake of a party!

Unfortunately towards the end of the 1990’s, the region saw a decline in the sale and therefore production of, its core vegetables and fruits. Local businesses including the hotels, suffered. The Uraidla Hotel’s trade and reputation gradually declined due to lack of upkeep and real direction, resulting in 4-year closure and standing as a sad reminder for what was.

Why is community important to us (the owners) and to the Uraidla Hotel?

For us as owners, this is not just a commercial venture – it’s an opportunity to support and give back. We are only the present-day guardians of this historical establishment, and feel a desire and obligation to serve the community as such.


Here at the Uraidla we are passionate about the surrounding community and the support we can offer. We will and do, engage and work with the local sporting clubs, schools, CFS and other organizations, other commercial venues, as well as growers, winemakers, manufacturers and artisanal food producers alike. We offer a central, unbiased and homely location for meetings, discussion and promotion of the above. Moreover, in attracting folk from “the plains” and further afield, the financial gain and local-product exposure is beneficial to all.

The Uraidla is focused on employing our local people and in particular the young folk. We truly believe that experience and training in hospitality is an important life-lesson in teamwork, organization, problem solving, and leadership; and a springboard to greater self-confidence and understanding of human behavior – lifelong skills that will serve well in almost any profession. The owner’s 3 older teenage children have (do) all worked at The Crafers Hotel, and gratefully take these skills with them into adulthood. We also wish to create an enjoyable and fun environment where strong friendships are forged.


For those wishing to make a career in the hospitality/culinary trade, our Head-Chef Anna Kittel is eager to train and encourage those on this path. Her kitchen is an energetic, often-frantic environment where the phrase “learn on your feet” could not be more apt! Often called “mum” by those under wings, Anna is fiercely protective of her protégé, and sees to it that they all try, create, learn from mistakes, ask questions and move beyond their comfort zones. Nothing would please Anna more than to see her “people” succeed and progress to bigger and better things.