Uraidla Hotel

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

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The pub is the hub!
Australian pubs are the traditional centre of community life. A place to meet, a place for meals and drinks, to work and to celebrate life’s important milestones. Licensed in 1867, The Uraidla Hotel has seen many proprietors come and go, and each one has left their individual legacy for the next.


Our vision is to show respect to our historic market-gardening community, and to leave a lasting, positive impact for future generations. As a modern global community, we are starting to recognise the adverse environmental impact of our growth and industrialisation. Here at Uraidla, we see our hotel as forefront in conducting healthy, sustainable practices in the food and beverage industry. For example, we grow and harvest vegetables and fruit on-site, offer substantial vegan and vegetarian menus, up-cycle useful pre-loved items and furniture, source from local and ethical suppliers, and generally adhere to to the mantra “reduce, re-use, refuse, recycle”. In 2019 we won the AHA Environmental and Energy Efficiency Practice South Australian award, and we intend on building upon our list of environmentally positive systems.

Why is community important to us (the owners) and to the Uraidla Hotel?

For us as owners, this is not just a commercial venture – it’s an opportunity to support and give back. We are only the present-day guardians of this historical establishment, and feel a desire and obligation to serve the community as such.

Here at the Uraidla we are passionate about the surrounding community and the support we can offer. We will and do, engage and work with the local sporting clubs, schools, CFS and other organizations, other commercial venues, as well as growers, winemakers, manufacturers and artisanal food producers alike. We offer a central, unbiased and homely location for meetings, discussion and promotion of the above. Moreover, in attracting folk from “the plains” and further afield, the financial gain and local-product exposure is beneficial to all.

The Uraidla is focused on employing our local people and in particular the young folk. We truly believe that experience and training in hospitality is an important life-lesson in teamwork, organization, problem solving, and leadership; and a springboard to greater self-confidence and understanding of human behavior – lifelong skills that will serve well in almost any profession. The owner’s 3 older teenage children have (do) all worked at The Crafers Hotel, and gratefully take these skills with them into adulthood. We also wish to create an enjoyable and fun environment where strong friendships are forged.